Michel Sindaha (1933-2013)

About Michel Sindaha (1933-2013)

Michel Sindaha is the founder of the firm. He received his Master degree from the Lebanese University in Beirut Lebanon. He started his career in 1952 with ARAMCO Saudi Arabia, and then came back to Jerusalem in 1958 after graduation. The Jerusalem District Electricity Company appointed Michel as the Financial Controller. He served in the company from 1956 to 1969.

In 1965, Michel qualified to the JCPA under number (49). He founded the audit firm as a sole proprietor in Jerusalem.

The political situation in Jerusalem after 1967 obliged Michel to leave Jerusalem and settle in Amman Jordan in 1970. After working for some years as a Financial Controller for NCR in Amman, Michel decided to reopen the accounting firm. He devoted all his time to the firm since then.

Michel had many interests mainly writing poems and articles. He has several published books.

His last activities was looking after the general policies of the firm. He was the chairman of the National Orthodox Cultural & Educational Society (2008 2013). He was member of the board of the society and many other non-profit organizations.

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